Book space “Tia Sang” spreads reading culture

    Gathering money to free up bookcases

    Regularly at weekends, the small space of only 20 square metres at No.31/131 Tran Phu, Phuoc Vinh ward, Hue city is always busy. This free book space has attracted many book lovers. On three rows of wooden shelves are thousands of books of all kinds neatly classified in separate groups. Tuan says, in order to have the current number of books, he must accumulate them over the years. When he was a child, he was passionate about reading, from comic books to those about studying and learning. Later, when he learned about famous domestic and foreign authors and their works, Tuan actively collected and wished himself and other book lovers would have access to them. From that beginning, the young man from Quang Binh chose Hue as the place to set up a free book space called "Tia Sang".

    Most of the books at “Tia Sang” have been purchased from Tuan’s savings. In order to get a large number of new books, he contacted prestigious bookstores in the area, followed up by a e promotional programme to "hunt" and buy books. In addition, Tuan’s friends and acquaintances, upon knowing about the meaningful model, also contributed and provided additional support. Thanks to that, the book space "Tia Sang" has a wide variety of books and is open every week.

    Although it is a free reading space, Tuan has fully equipped it with a lighting system and electric fan to best serve everyone. In addition to books and stories, he also displays chess tables and 3D puzzles to keep readers entertained.

    Coming to borrow books for the second time, Dang Van Gia Huy, a fifth grade student at Phuoc Vinh Primary School excitedly: “ I really like it. Before, at home, outside studying hours, I could only sleep. Now, with a free comic bookcase, my friends and I come here to borrow books and read stories more often”.

    Connecting people to read

    With the aim of spreading reading culture in today’s life, young "boss" Phan Cong Tuans initially succeeded as more and more people came to borrow books. Tuan’s main job is currently working in the field of web programming; so books in the field of science and I.T skills are of special interest to him. Currently, in addition to managing the book space "Tia Sang", Tuan also connects with and introduces the books he currently has to a few student clubs in the area to seek opportunities to exchange reading experiences. The procedure to borrow books at "Tai Sang" is simple: just leave your name and the date you will return, without any card or fee needed.

    The current readers of "Tia Sang" are not only students, but also the students’ parents. They often look for books on life skills for their children. Tran Thanh Huong, living in Hue city, said: “Tuan is a young person, but his passion for books is huge. Tuan often gives books to those who share his interests and passions”.

    Although his work is often busy, this young man is always eager to find ways to connect with everyone who loves books. Tuan said, in the coming time, he will expand and look for young people who share the same passion for reading to exchange and expand free reading book spaces for everyone in many places. “In the current technological era, anyone can easily read books online, but I personally find that reading traditional books still has a certain value. When we hold a book, turning each page trains the reader to be patient, not reading through the speaker but having time to think and comprehend the content. Not only that, seeing the children. instead of engrossed in holding their phones playing games, but attentive to the pages of books; I just realized that I have done something useful, "Tuan added.

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