Tourism industry looks to bounce back

Most destinations and tourism sites throughout Vietnam are gradually re-opening now that the second outbreak of COVID-19 in the country has been largely brought under control. With flights slowly resuming, tour agencies are offering new and attractive travel packages in a bid to bounce back as quickly as possible.


Now is the best time of the year to visit Vietnam’s northeast and northwest regions, as many areas boast golden terraced rice fields as the harvest season approaches. The Mekong Delta, meanwhile, is in the middle of its flood season but remains a hot tourism spot. After two weeks of no new community transmissions of COVID-19, a glimmer of hope has set in among those in the tourism industry.

Tour agencies are focusing on discovery and leisure tourism, introducing packages with attractive prices. Despite the numerous challenges, the industry is busy with resumption plans now the pandemic is largely under control.

Tourism involves many different industries, so its resumption will help fulfil the dual targets of pandemic prevention and economic recovery./.