Enchanting Hanoi with Spectacular Daffodils During Tet Holiday

Flower arrangement has long been popular among Vietnamese people on the occasion of Lunar New Year (or Tet) holiday.



Besides the renowned peach blossoms, daffodils are also popular among Hanoians for home decoration during Tet holiday.

Unlike other vibrant flowers, daffodils have an elegant appearance and a pleasant scent.

There is a widespread belief that if daffodils bloom on New Year’s Eve, they will bring good luck to their owners. Many people spend hours admiring the flowers on the final night of the year.

The tradition of enjoying daffodils has been a long-standing custom for Hanoians. For many residents of the capital, the act of trimming daffodils is like a nostalgic journey, allowing them to relive the Tet holiday atmosphere from years past.

In ancient Hanoi, daffodils were seen as symbols of luck and longevity. During the Tet holiday, the fragrance of the flowers blends with the scent of aloes wood incense, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Daffodils, with their vibrant yellow, white, and orange trumpets, brighten every corner of flower markets and bring joy to both vendors and customers.

Vietnam News Agency (VNA)