Similarweb: National Tourism Promotion Website Ranks Top in the Region

According to Similarweb, the national tourism promotion website of the Vietnam National Tourism Administration has surpassed Thailand's website, ranking the highest in the region.


Similarweb’s published list of rankings of national tourism referral sites in March 2024 shows that ranked 132,676 globally. This ranking surpasses the position of Thai tourism (rank 136,108) and far surpasses many websites of other countries such as the Philippines (rank 808,295), and Malaysia (rank 881,886).

Regarding the rate of visits from international markets, has an outstandingly high rate when reaching 85%, higher than websites from Indonesia (64%), Thailand (44%), Malaysia (42%), and the Philippines (28%). This ratio shows that Vietnamese tourism promotion websites strongly attract interest in foreign markets.

Compare the rankings of Vietnamese and Thai tourism promotion websites on Similarweb. Photo: Similarweb

That progress has helped narrow the gap between the website and other websites in the region, especially close to Thailand and far ahead of the Philippines and Malaysia. This shows the attractiveness of Vietnamese tourism in the eyes of international tourists and creates a new step in communication on digital platforms of Vietnam Tourism. is the official website of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism promoting Vietnamese tourism globally. Launched in 2018, specializes in promoting the country’s image and tourism brand to the world. The website is operated and managed by the Tourist Information Center, built in the direction of innovating content, communication methods, and linking with social networking platforms.

The website provides practical information including the visa application process, information about major festivals, and events in Vietnam which helps tourists prepare better.

Recently, has increased the introduction of Vietnam’s main types of tourism, focusing on islands, culture, cuisine, and ecology. The website also promotes prestigious titles and awards that the international community votes for Vietnamese tourism. Furthermore, this can help promote the image of a beautiful, friendly country with quality services to tourists globally.

Charlotte Pho