The fireworks display can be seen over the pedestrian bridge on the Van Lang Park lake.

The 15-minute firework show is one of the highlights of the Ancestral Land Cultural and Tourism Week and the Hung Kings Temple Festival 2024.

Over recent years the administration of Phu Tho province has held high-altitude fireworks on this occasion in an effort to turn the site into a major tourist destination.

The Hung Kings Temple Festival is held annually on the 10th day of the third lunar month to commemorate the death anniversary of Hung Kings. This year, the celebration falls on April 18.

The festival offers people the chance to respectfully remember the legacy of the country’s ancestors.

The festival which takes place from April 9 to 18 is a way of whilst showing people’s deep gratitude to the founders of the nation and their cultural heritage.

The night sky over Phu Tho province is lit up with a colourful fireworks display on the Hung Kings’ Commemoration Day.