Chingay is one of Asia’s largest street and floats parade that epitomises the dynamism of Singapore’s vibrant and multicultural society. The theme for Chingay 2020 is “Colours in Harmony”, expressed through the use of different colours to symbolise Singapore’s cultural diversity and harmonious blend of different cultures.

Highlight of the parade was a unique “Bridge of Harmony” float, decked out with “harmony” tiles that are co-created by more than 20,000 residents island-wide. The parade also featured 60 stellar performances staged by domestic art troupes and seven countries of China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Forty Vietnamese artists and 100 extras from the Vietnamese people community in the host nation put on a colourful display at the event to popularise Vietnam as a friendly nation for international friends. Their performance also contributed to enhancing friendship and cultural exchange with Singapore and the participating nations.

The two-day parade is expected to attract a crowd of some 280,000, and millions of spectators all over the world.