Hosted by the Institute for Research, Development, and Conservation of Southeast Asian Art and Culture (IRSAC), the four-day event is designed to realize the goals of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint 2025 and promote the ASEAN identity in the leadup to the 56th founding anniversary of ASEAN (August 8, 1967 – 2023). This event is part of a series of activities that will help to achieve the vision of a united and prosperous ASEAN Community.

The festival sees the presence of local and foreign restaurants, hotels, and travel businesses, as well as food processing establishments, showcasing their products and services in 200 pavilions. Attendees can sample traditional and modern dishes, food products, and specialties.

There are also exciting cooking demonstrations by experienced chefs, showcasing traditional costumes, performances of traditional music and dances, and interactive folk games from ASEAN countries. All of these activities provide a unique and memorable experience for visitors to enjoy!

According to the Director of the International Relations and Social Activities Committee (IRSAC), Le Van Tiep, the festival seeks to showcase the culture, cuisine, people, and arts of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to both local and international visitors, thereby fostering understanding, friendship, and collaboration among ASEAN member states.

In the framework of the festival, the organiser will arrange two seminars focusing on preserving and promoting the value of Vietnamese culinary culture, as well as guiding enterprises on how to register exclusive trademarks and labels for products.