Visiting a toy figurine village

Xuan La village in Hanoi’s Phu Xuyen district has long been famous for making “to he”, or toy figurines, a traditional toy made from rice powder, and remains the only village in Vietnam doing so.


Figurines of The Huc Bridge, Khue Van Pavilion, One-Pillar Pagoda, and others famous sites in Hanoi are made through the skilled hands of artisans in Xuan La village.

Located in Phu Xuyen district, the village is well-known for its “to he”, which symbolise Vietnam’s beauty and culture.

It normally requires two to four artisans working at least three days to complete a sophisticated model.

Most craft villages are facing the threat of falling into oblivion these days. Artisans who love their traditional craft are doing their best to pass their skills on to the younger generation in an attempt to keep it alive.

With major efforts made to promote the traditional trade, the artisans of Xuan La have passed their passion on to the younger generation in the hope that the trade – a unique cultural characteristic of Vietnam – can be preserved and developed./.