Virtual museum – Inevitable trend

The application of virtual reality technology at museums to introduce artifacts to the general public is a necessary way of promoting displays and attracting more visitors, especially during COVID-19. A number of museums have made initial moves to convert documents and artifacts into electronic forms.



Using 3D glasses, visitors can admire many valuable works.

The Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts recently surprised the public with the launch of a 3D online tour after a trial period.

With just a few clicks, visitors can remotely admire many valuable art works.

Virtual tours have become a global trend amid the pandemic. In recent times, museums around Vietnam have been attempting to use technology to attract members of the public, especially young people.

Modern technology opens up a new direction for data storage, the conservation of cultural heritage, and the restoration and reproduction of ruins.

The number of agencies developing “virtual museums” in Vietnam remains few, but a trend is clearly developing given that museums cannot “stand still” amid technological development./.