Village in northern Vietnam repairing trumpets for generations

A village in northern Vietnam’s Nam Dinh Province has long been known for its villagers’ skill in crafting and repairing trumpets. And the closer Christmas came, the faster the trumpet repairers had to work.


Thousands of different types of trumpets are on display in Pham Phao village in Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province – Vietnam’s only village specialising in trumpet repair. Experienced repairers said there are many kinds of trumpets with different problems. Fixing them requires a repairer with years of experience, meticulousness, and a passion for fixing the musical instruments.

The trumpet was a favourite musical instrument of many Catholics in the 1950s. All of the local people knew how to play it. When it was broken, they found a way to fix it, and then gradually learned to make one by themselves.

Since Phạm Pháo trumpets were made by hand, they could not compete with others on the market. Now local people only make and repair large trumpets.

Trumpets from all over the country are sent here for repairs. Bronze trumpets have become a key part of Catholic rituals, especially at Christmas. And for the trumpet repairmen of Pham Phao village, no matter how life changes, the traditional profession will never fade away.