Vietnam’s tank crew receives encouragement during Army Games

Tank Crew No. 2 from the Vietnam People’s Army received great support and encouragement from Vietnamese people living, working, or studying in Russia during the competition on August 26 at the ongoing International Army Games, held at the Alabino military training ground in the suburbs of Moscow.


Though their first shot was not satisfactory, Tank Crew No. 2 made a great effort to hit four of the five targets and completed the event in 31 minutes and 23 seconds, finishing fourth.

Colonel Ho Viet Truong, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Armoured Forces and a member of the high-ranking delegation of the Vietnam People’s Army, who is visiting Russia, went to the military training ground to encourage the crew.

It also received support from a large number of Vietnamese living, working, or studying in Russia.

As planned, Tank Crew No. 3 will take part in the competition on August 29.

The International Army Games 2021 is taking place from August 22 to September 4, with the participation of 275 teams from 42 countries and territories worldwide competing in 34 categories.

This is the fourth consecutive year Vietnam has taken part in the international-level military multi-sports event./.