Vietnamese workers in Malaysia receive support during pandemic

Having lost their jobs and being unable to return home as there are no international flights, many Vietnamese workers in Malaysia are struggling to cope with the fallout from Covid-19. Vaccinations are considered a “shield” that can help them confront the disease at this time. Vietnamese representative agencies in the country have joined hands to help these workers make it through.


Thu Nga is one of only a few Vietnamese workers to still have a stable job in Malaysia. Many others have lost their job or had their working hours, and hence their salary cut due to the pandemic.

Vaccinations will help them overcome the disease, and Thu Nga has already received a shot.

These workers have lost their jobs since June, when Malaysia imposed a comprehensive blockade to fight the pandemic.

After two months with no income, they face a difficult time. Fortunately, though, they have received support from the Vietnam Women’s Union in Malaysia.

In Penang, Binh and his friends have been struggling to survive for nearly 2 years now after their company closed. Their lives have been made even more difficult by the pandemic.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia has received registrations to return home from 13,000 people, including 7-8,000 workers who have lost their jobs.

Every weekend, trucks full of necessities from the Vietnamese Embassy and the Management Board of Vietnamese Workers reach people in need.

Efforts are being made to arrange flights to bring unemployed workers home as soon as possible./.