Vietnamese lychees win favour in Japan

The initial batches of Vietnamese “thieu” lychees were shipped to Japan at the end of May under a contract signed between Japan’s Sunrise Farm and the Ameii Vietnam JSC. The lychees have been warmly received by Japanese consumers thanks to their rich aroma and sweetness as well as quality described as “top class”.


Vietnamese lychees have been well-known in Japan since they were first exported to the country last year. They meet all strict food safety and quarantine standards and have won over Japanese consumers.

Sales of Vietnamese lychees have been high in Japan despite the complexity of the pandemic, and prices are also high, at up to 1,280 JPY (11.60 USD) per kilo.

Breaking into the Japanese market helps improve the prestige and brand of Vietnamese lychees in the international market, while cementing a new and stable consumption channel.

Experts warned, however, that it will be a tougher task to maintain the fruit’s foothold in the market, which has strict food safety and quarantine requirements.

Popular in Japan, the lychees also brought great joy to Vietnamese people during the pandemic while creating an additional driver to grow exports to Japan./.