Vietnam enjoys sharp increase in export of rice and medical masks

Vietnam witnessed a sudden rise in the export of rice and medical masks during the first five months of the year, according to statistics released by the General Department of Vietnam Customs.


In total, the country exported more than 321 million medical masks throughout the reviewed period, with up to 180 million masks being shipped abroad during May alone following the lifting of restrictions regarding the export of medical masks.

This figure represents a 1.3-fold-increase in comparison to the total export volume during the four-month period.

In recent times, medical masks have started to be regarded as a special export item since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic began in China before spreading globally.

Within the domestic market, the price of face masks has remained stable and they are being widely sold at various distribution channels at reasonable prices.

In addition to the sale of medical masks, the country also shipped large quantities of rice abroad during the reviewed period, with the rice export volume reaching approximately 954,000 tonnes in May alone, making over 492 million USD, representing an increase of over 87% in volume and a 93% boost in value compared to the previous month.

By the end of May, rice export volume stood at 3 million tonnes, grossing 1.5 billion USD in revenue./.