Urban exodus – new trend among young Vietnamese

Young Vietnamese have left the city in droves for countryside to pursue a pastoral life with the nature, start their business, or simply find themselves. Join us to see their stories.


Ha Manh Luan, author of many books famous among young readers, was struggling to find literacy inspiration ideas while working in Hanoi for five years. One day, he decided to find new experience and inspiration in a strange land.

He then came to Ta Xua, fell in love with this paradise, and decided to stay there.

At first, Luan intended to stay there for a short time with hope the fresh air could refresh his mind and help him regain energy. However, he discovered the land’s tourism potential and made up his mind to embark on tourism career.

After five years, he owns homestay facilities and a restaurant in the best locations of Ta Xua paradise. 

“I did want to enrich my experience in a completely new living environment so that I could find literacy inspiration ideas, said Ha Manh Luan, owner of Ta Xua Clouds Homestay.

“I was introduced to manage a homestay for around 1.5 years in Ta Xua. As the job helped me save a huge sum of money, I decided to open a restaurant next to the homestay. In 2019, I built my own homestay. A year later, I sold it, and built Ta Xua Clouds homestay. I am operating the facility now.”

Meanwhile, Pham Thi Nhung, who was married with two kids, and had a stable job, decided to leave Hanoi in 2019 and start a handmade business in her hometown, called Hoa Moc.

Pham Thi Nhung, owner of the Hoa Moc handmade business, said: “Earlier, I thought I would stay in the city forever so that my kids would have better conditions to study. I changed my mind after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

She went on to say: “At that time, I was allowed to work from home, and I took my kids to my hometown. I found that the children have larger space to play when they live in the countryside. When we lived in the city, they kept asking me why I picked them up at school so late, and I felt bad about not having much time with them. That’s why I decided to leave Hanoi to start my own business in the countryside.” 

Like Luan and Nhung, many young people have followed the urban exodus trend since they were worn out of the rat race in the city.  

According to Luan Ta Xua toasts stunning landscape, but life in Ta Xua is not easy at first. Fourteen-kilometre ugged road from the township to Ta Xua, harsh climate, dense fog, and homesickness were great challenge for me.

Each has his or her own reason to leave the city. However, starting new life and new career in a new land is not easy at all. 

With Luan, Ta Xua and his startup journey have brought him a wealth of interesting experience.

As for Nhung, she has more time for her kids, and has her own brand.

Some have found themselves, their future and career right in the peaceful countryside. Grave concerns and even utter failure are part of their journey. 

“Think twice before making your decision. If you choose to leave city for countryside, you should have specific orientation. It is not because you get a dismal failure in the city and you have to go to the countryside. You may find a better path for your career when you leave the city,” said Nhung.

No matter where the young people choose to live, in urban or rural areas, if they have weird dreams and seriously pursue them, they will certainly find their own way./.