Unique tours attract more tourists

The COVID-19 pandemic has been largely brought under control and tourism activities have begun to attract more tourists. To seize the opportunity, many tourism businesses have launched unique campaigns with attractive and appealing tours.


Wedding ceremonies on yachts, watching the moon on the bay, and others. Have you ever thought of such breathtaking tours? Such trips are actually not that far-fetched.

Unique tours like these are now being offered to meet demand among domestic tourists and bring them new experiences in the “new normal”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious consequences for all aspects of life, with tourism being one of the industries most affected. When society returns to something resembling normal, demand for tourism is unlikely to be the same as previously. Changing to adapt to the circumstances will allow tourism businesses to exist and recover post-pandemic.

International flights have been gradually returning and tourism businesses are ready to offer new products, such as quarantine tours, small group tours, or health tourism./.