Travel agencies promoting domestic tourism

The local tourism market has never been so vibrant, filled with attractive summer holidays at affordable prices. Thousands of tours and promotions are being introduced to help the sector on the road to recovery.


Many travel agents are taking advantage of the summer holidays to provide tours at prices discounted by 50 to 60%. Some used the physical distancing period to develop and design new and interesting products to meet the growing preferences of travellers.

Travel agencies in Ho Chi Minh City have aggressively promoted tours to the city while other localities in the Mekong Delta have created tours that link the city with other localities in the Delta region. River tours in particular have caught the attention of travellers.

After social distancing, many families cut their tourism spending to save money. With more local tourism promotions being introduced, however, many are now more willing to get away.

Both companies and tourists are excited by the new tourism promotions, which have helped support travel agents and created more opportunities for families to spend time together./.