Launch of New Tourism Website to Boost International Tourist Traffic

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism , along with the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board and Swiss Sustainable Tourism Programme , have joined forces to launch a new ‘Green Travel’ section on the national tourism website


Foreign visitors will now have easy access to articles that provide detailed information on responsible travel practices, guides on Vietnamese customs and local etiquette, as well as insights on lesser-known destinations in the country.

Viewers can explore sustainable accommodations including lodges, homestays, and hotels, while also discovering and supporting Vietnamese culture through souvenirs such as crafts, textiles, and stationery brands.

The website will soon showcase a range of videos that highlight Vietnam’s leading sustainable tourism assets and exceptional experiences.

Additionally, the VNAT has launched the webpage ‘Visit Vietnam from Home,’ which offers virtual travel experiences like 360-degree tours, local recipes, coloring pages, and immersive videos, enabling travelers to connect with the nation even during the closure of borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.