Theatre tries to reach a young audience

Since COVID-19 has resulted in many cultural activities being suspended, it has become much more difficult for theatres to reach out to young audience members, who have largely lost interest in the theatrical arts. Management agencies and stage artists have, for many years already, tossed and turned about identifying ways to develop a new generation of audience.


During these tough times for theatre, and especially traditional arts, the Vietnam Theatre Artists Association has been working to complete a project to build a young audience for the local stage.

Under the project, local arts units and stage performers will be more creative and develop more quality products to reach a younger audience.

Many experts have said it is necessary to boost interest in the theatrical arts among young people from when they are still at school.

The project of the Vietnam Theatre Artists Association includes a wide range of activities, such as holding forums, developing scripts for children, and introducing various types of traditional art forms in schools. A children’s theatre festival has also been scheduled for Hanoi at the end of the year./.