Stricter fines for those refusing to wear masks in public areas

The Hoan Kiem pedestrian area in Hanoi attracts tens of thousands of visitors every weekend. Authorities have now introduced harsher fines for anyone who refuses to wear a mask, as required by public health regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



This woman is being asked to leave the pedestrian area as she isn’t wearing a face mask.

Representatives of local units are everywhere around the pedestrian zone reminding people of the need to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone not respecting the regulation will be asked to leave there.

Local units have imposed fines on about 600 people not wearing face masks. In addition to the fines, Hoan Kiem district has also focused on methods to remind people to do so.

Hanoi has gone 100 days without any community transmission of COVID-19, but experts warn that the pandemic is likely to get worse, especially during winter, as infections will continue to grow. It is therefore necessary to tighten control and prevention measures to stop transmission./.