Soil washing effective for dioxin contaminated land

The soil washing technology has proved to be effective in treating dioxin-contaminated soil at Bien Hoa Airport in the southern province of Dong Nai, experts said at a seminar held in Hanoi on December 8.



The technology was trialed by the Centre for Technology Environmental Treatment’s Chemical Command under the Ministry of Defence and Japan’s Shimizu Corporation during 2019-2020.

As soil washing is low-cost and imposes little environmental burden compared to thermal treatment, experts said it should be considered to be applied further in the time ahead, they said.

The area surrounding Bien Hoa airport contains high levels of the chemical and is considered one of the country’s dioxin hotspots. According to assessments from Vietnam and the US, some 500,000 cu.m of dioxin-contaminated land in the airport need to be treated, requiring a large amount of capital and technology./.