Smart energy to grow with smart urban development

As smart energy plays an important role in smart urban areas, Vietnam plans to develop smarter, cleaner, greener and more sustainable energy resources for its cities.



Per Resolution 55-NQ/TW on the national energy development up to 2045, economical and efficient use of energy and environmental protection must be considered an important national policy and the responsibility of all of society.

According to the Ministry of Construction, there are 833 urban centres including two special cities, 20 grade 1 cities and the rest grade 3 or grade 4 centres.

According to the World Energy Organisation, ASEAN exports some primary energies, but it will become an importer of energy in a very short time due to its rising population.

As a production country with more and more industrial zones and a possible importing country, experts noted that Vietnam had to use energy efficiently.

As cleaner smart energy is a demand now by major foreign firms to meet their own corporate carbon reduction policies, greener industrial zones will attract more quality investors to Vietnam./.