Shelter for gender-based violence victims

Figures reveal that if the three main types of partner violence are considered - physical, sexual, and emotional - 58 percent of Vietnamese women have experienced at least one type of domestic violence in their lifetime. “Anh Duong” (Sunshine) House has been established in northern Quang Ninh province for reporting and supporting victims of violence against women and girls.



Established last April, Anh Duong House has become a shelter for women and girls suffering from domestic violence. Victims also receive health and physical care and mental and psychological support. Services are completely free.

Welcoming women who have fled from domestic violence and helping them settle down and obtain the basic skills needed to protect themselves is the job of Dr Nguyen Thi Thu Ha. Victims coming to Anh Duong House are all from different circumstances, but most have suffered from physical and emotional violence for some time.

Providing a shelter for victims of domestic violence is only a preliminary step. More importantly, experts at Anh Duong House also provide victims with the knowledge and skills to understand their own rights, so that when faced with violent acts will know how to defend themselves and stay safe./.