Security keychain tags help ease social disorder in Kien Giang

First introduced in 2018 by police in Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province, security keychain tags with the hotline of local police printed on them have proven both effective and practical. With more than 1,000 messages sent, including over 800 important tips, the tags have helped police prevent or solve cases of disorder in the coastal city in the Mekong Delta.


More than 17,000 keychain tags bearing the police hotline number have been distributed to people in all wards around the city over the last two years.

Cao Ngoc Hoa’s neighbourhood is known as a theft and burglary “hot spot”. After they were given a security tag, his family has contacted the police about many suspicious cases in the area.

In the two years it has been implemented in Vinh Quang ward, local police have received many tips that help them strengthen management and protection in the area.

Many cases of theft and also fights in residential areas have been quickly reported to police thanks to the tags, helping them prevent or tackle bad behaviour.

There were many other measures considered in the past to ensure public order and safety, such as sticking printed phone numbers of police in public places or ensuring households and businesses had the contact information of local police. In the long run, however, none of these were effective. Security keychain tags, though, are considered handy and convenient.

Rach Gia police will soon review the measure, evaluate its advantages, and continue to promote its effectiveness in order to prevent and resolve social disorder./.