Saigon rugs up as “cold” weather descends

Temperatures in Ho Chi Minh City have fallen to 10 degrees Celsius minimums and 22 maximums in recent days, making young and old rug up to guard against the chill.



6 am. The streets of Ho Chi Minh City are blanketed in a thin layer of fog. Winter coats and scarves can be seen on every corner in the tropical city.

The sudden change in weather stirred up the local population, especially young people, who have taken the opportunity to wander the streets, enjoy a coffee, or capture the city’s beauty on their phones.

The cooler weather has arrived early this year and will last for another 10 days.

The chilly weather also signals the beginning of the festive season. But it may also affect the health. Local people, especially kids and the elderly, are advised to rug up when out in the early morning or late at night./.