Road given facelift with people’s support in Son La

Since joining the national new rural development programme, people living in upland villages in the northern mountainous province of Son La have taken joint action to build and upgrade transport infrastructure, contributing to giving the area a facelift.


The road connecting Chieng Hoa and Chieng Cong communes in Muong La district in Son La province stretches more than 5 kilometres. Of particular note, recent upgrades were completed in just a short period of time and site clearance costs were zero.

Before the upgrade, the road was often in poor condition, especially during the wet season, making transport difficult and hindering socio-economic development.

The upgraded road opens up many opportunities for socio-economic development in the locality, allowing farm produce to be transported and sold more easily and improving farmers’ earnings.

With joint efforts from the Party and the people, more roads in mountainous Son La province are to be upgraded, contributing to giving the locality a facelift and improving living conditions while boosting socio-economic development./.