Quang Nam looks to reform tourism sector

The central province of Quang Nam may be a land of heritage, but local tourism development is still to meet the expectations of provincial authorities. Now that a year of COVID-19 and natural disasters has come to an end, Quang Nam is preparing to ensure its tourism sector thrives next year.


Despite its major potential for developing tourism, the competitiveness of Quang Nam’s tourism sector remains limited, with most enterprises being of small scale and providing the market with poor tourism products. The province also lacks adequate investment in tourism destinations, entertainment venues, and nighttime services.

According to the Quang Nam Tourism Association, the Government needs to introduce a stimulus package as soon as possible and assist tourism enterprises by extending their loans and helping them rebound. The province has also identified tourism as a spearhead economic sector, meaning it must adapt to the “new normal” in the post-pandemic period.

While international tourists are not expected to return in large numbers anytime soon, local travellers have been identified as a market of growth for Quang Nam in 2021.

The province’s tourism sector is looking to link up with sub-sectors such as hospitality, transport, accommodation, and services, as well as put the advantages of each locality to best use to introduce more attractive options for visitors.

Industry analysts are convinced that adopting stimulus programmes to boost domestic tourism is the right step for Quang Nam’s tourism sector to take. They believe local tourism companies will work within a responsible network towards green and community tourism, to better serve domestic tourists./.