Pilot on welcoming vaccine passport holders under consideration

The Politburo has recently announced several key tasks to strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control and socio-economic development, including ordering a trial of vaccine passports so that foreigners can visit destinations in Vietnam that have controlled the pandemic. The tourism community is looking forward to the policy and overcoming the severe consequences experienced so far.



Experts have said that the tourism industry needs to work with localities and relevant agencies to develop a plan on piloting the welcoming of foreign tourists.

The plan must indicate clearly which destinations should be piloted, what products will be introduced, what marketing strategies are to be used, and how to control an outbreak should it occur.

Tourism businesses stand ready to work towards gradually restoring tourism post-pandemic.

The international market is key for Vietnam’s tourism development. But if the country is slow in applying vaccine passports and re-opening to the international market, it will blunt its competitive edge compared to other regional countries.

Therefore, along with safety measures to restore domestic tourism, a pilot study on welcoming international visitors is being conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in cooperation with other ministries and agencies.

Relevant agencies will consider vaccine passports trial so that foreigners can visit destinations that have controlled the pandemic, such as Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang province./.