Phu Tho peach blossom village before Tet

Just days until the traditional Lunar New Year, the peach blossom villages in Phu Tho province bustle into the Tet season.



The gardeners said the weather this year is quite favorable for peach trees to grow, promising a bumper season.

In Nha Nit peach village, Thanh Dinh commune, Viet Tri city, the growers have completed the final stages for caring flowers for sale. The people here said that peach trees were brought here to be grown in the 1980s. The peach blossom grown here is large, thick with sharp colour. For years, peach trees have become the main source of income for many households in the village.

There are currently 125 households in the village planting nearly 40,000 peach trees. In the previous Lunar New Year, over 30,000 peach roots were sold, of which mainly are newly planted roots from the previous converted cassava-growing land.

According to local villagers, if the weather is cold and not raining during the Lunar New Year, peach blossom will bloom on the right time, promising a bumper crop. Another spring is coming, bringing many wishes for a warm and happy new year to all gardeners in the locality./.