Photographer’s unyielding love of photography

Photographer Tran Quoc Dung has won countless awards during his lifetime, and his latest book, “Photography Culture - A Point of View”, has won a prestigious award from the Literature and Arts Theory and Criticism Council.


The “Spratly Islands Standing Strong” photo book from 2017 is one of Dung’s most important and impactful works.

With over 207 photos, the veteran photographer portrays his unique view of the lives of people and soldiers on the Spratly archipelago, gained during three visits from 2008 to 2016.

The photos are divided into three parts: “People and life on Truong Sa or Spratly archipelago”, “Staying strong to protect Truong Sa”, and “The nation stands with Truong Sa”.

Though retired for 10 years, a burning love for photography can still be seen in his eyes and this award-winning book represents his life at work. In it he shares his concerns about the 200-year-old art form of photography, as well as the application of technology in preserving photos.

Experts have appraised his works as having a significant impact on raising awareness and improving the guiding role of literature and arts theory and criticism in the movement and development of arts in particular and social life in general./.