Party Resolution boosts marine economy and defence

The sustainable development of the marine economy in association with the consolidation of defence and security is among the important sections of a resolution from the Communist Party of Vietnam on the “Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Vietnam’s Marine Economy by 2030 with a Vision to 2045” aimed at making Vietnam a strong and prosperous country in terms of marine affairs.



The resolution emphasises the need for sustainably developing the marine economy on the basis of green growth and the conservation of biodiversity and marine ecosystems.

Vietnamese ministries, agencies, and localities, in cooperation with relevant organisations, individuals, and experts, have developed legal documents in order to effectively implement Resolution No 36. Among these, Resolution No 26 from the Government (dated March 5, 2020) on issuing an overall plan and a five-year plan on deploying Resolution No 36 is the fundamental legal document.

Six areas to be focused upon in implementing the Party Resolution: (1) managing seas, oceans, and shores, (2) developing the marine and coastal economy, (3) improving local livelihoods and building a marine culture and a sea-friendly society, (4) applying science and technology and developing marine human resources, (5) responding to natural disasters, climate change, and sea level rises, and (6) ensuring national defence, security, external relations, and international cooperation.

On the basis of the two Resolutions, each ministry, agency, and locality has developed action plans and exerted great effort to implement them.

On February 6, 2020, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed a decision establishing the National Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Vietnam’s Marine Economy by 2030 with a Vision to 2045. This is an inter-agency committee that includes the Prime Minister, representatives from relevant ministries and agencies, chairs of the People’s Committees of centrally-run coastal cities and provinces, and certain experts and scientists.

The Prime Minister has also issued other decisions with a vision to 2030 on key programs for basic surveys of marine and island resources and environment, a national action plan on ocean plastic waste, and an international cooperation scheme on Sustainable Marine Economic Development in Vietnam.

The country also prioritises building a strong legal framework to back the implementation of Resolution No 36. It will amend the Law on Sea and Island Natural Resources and Environment in the foreseeable future and develop two key masterplans for the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2045.

By implementing the two resolutions, Vietnam’s sea economy is expected to see breakthroughs and contribute to fulfilling national construction and defence tasks in the new circumstances./.