Painting exhibition spreads positive energy

Collector Thúy Anh has introduced a collection of paintings at an exhibition held recently in Hanoi. Her collection encourages a spirit of optimism and a love of beauty and creates new hope and aspirations in life.



Most of the 38 paintings on display were collected by Thuy Anh during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this most difficult and challenging period, painters had more time to spend on their art.

Revealing an admiration for artists’ creativity, Thuy Anh hopes to spread the positive value of works of art among the public.

Painter Dao Hai Phong has three paintings on show at the exhibition. It’s quite a new concept in Vietnam, he said, for a collector to introduce their collection at an exhibition.

Collector Thuy Anh has taken part in many charitable activities and programmes, contributing to joint efforts to fight COVID-19./.