Paddling down Saigon River for fun and entertainment

Many people in Ho Chi Minh City are looking for fun and entertainment to relieve the stress from months of staying at home due to social distancing. Among others, outdoor sports, including Standup Paddle Boarding, or SUP, have attracted a great many sports lovers.


This is the first time these youngsters have tried standup paddle boarding. Before paddling out by themselves, they take a training class on the basic techniques. All can’t wait to get into the water.

Unlike other water sports, like kayaking or sailing, SUP is a personalised sport. Paddlers stands on a large board and use a single paddle to move along the water.

New paddlers receive training and the right gear to ensure their safety, such as a life jacket, a leash attaching them to the board, and a quick release belt, among others.

While gliding along the river, paddlers can take in the clean atmosphere and explore hidden parts of the city in a new unique and safe way.

The sport has gained in popularity in the city, attracting more youngsters every day. It’s a captivating choice for many people to ease stress while maintaining a healthy lifestyle after months of staying at home./.