Over 49 percent of enterprises expect business to improve in Q3

Nearly half of firms in a recent survey of the General Statistics Office on business trend of firms operating in processing and manufacturing, expect business situation to improve in the third quarter of 2020.



Meanwhile, 19.4 percent of the respondents said the situations will be more difficult and 31.5 percent said that production will be stable.

Non-State enterprises were the most optimistic with about 82.6 percent of them thinking that the production and business situations in Q3 will be better and more sustainable in comparison with the previous quarter.

The rate was over 79 percent in the State-owned sector and nearly 76 percent among foreign-invested firms.

Regarding factors that affect production of enterprises in the second quarter, 53.6 percent of businesses were of the view that high competitiveness of domestic commodities are the biggest factor affecting the operation of enterprises.

In term of production volume and sale in the third quarter, over 48 percent of firms predicted that their production scale will increase./.