Northwest beauty leaves visitors in awe

Mother Nature has given the Northwestern region of Vietnam so much, with beautiful scenery that can’t be put into words. During Spring, the beauty of the Northwest is further enhanced by blooming flowers. This is also the time when the Northwest welcomes a great many tourists to experience and admire its beauty.


Along National Highway No 6, the road to Son La province, Lai Chau, and Dien Bien, flowers blanket the mountains and hills in white.

Each cliff, road, everywhere is filled with new life.

The Spring weather makes this land more romantic and beautiful.

When the COVID-19 outbreak was largely brought under control in Vietnam, many visitors immediately flocked to the Northwest to enjoy and experience the Spring atmosphere.

The diversity and cultural characteristics of the local ethnic minority people also leave an impression on visitors. Along with enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, they can also immerse themselves in the Spring festival of the Lu ethnic minority in Tham village, Lai Chau province.

Though the pandemic negatively impacted tourism, many travel agencies and Northwest provinces have worked closely together to create unique and novel tourism products to stimulate domestic demand./.