New German Photography exhibition underway in Hanoi

For the second time, the Goethe-Institut Hanoi presents Gute Aussichten - New German Photography 2021 in cooperation with the Matca Photography Space.


Forty-three photos by six emerging artists take us to different regions, inviting discussions on various social issues and challenging the boundaries of photography itself.

The ongoing work “Trees” transforms plants into main characters, highlighting their unique features and relationships to their surroundings.

Taking inspiration from age-old folklore, “Glowing Eyes” depicts isolated communities living on the banks of the Amazon in Brazil with a touch of magical realism. Together, they form an ensemble of singular visions in contemporary German photography.

Gute Aussichten – new German photography is a project set up in 2004 by Josefine Raab and Stefan Becht as a private initiative in support of talented young photographers.

Today, Gute Aussichten has become a means of presenting the latest developments in German photography, with over 160 exhibitions held worldwide, together with numerous publications, a comprehensive digital offering, and countless TV, radio, web, and newspaper features.

The exhibition is open until November 22./.