New art space opens in Northwest

Known as one of the leading pianists in Vietnam, Pho An My creates her art in a separate and unique way. In 2020, she and her family decided to move to the northern mountainous province of Son La and set up a special cultural space combining modernity and local ethnicity for artists in and outside of the country.



Located in Van Ho district, this lovely house is known as Pamhill. Many artists from around Vietnam have recently come to Pho An My’s home to enjoy the climate and learn about the local area and its people. Many found inspiration after exchanging art in a poetic space boasting the cultural features of the Northwest.

The space is a combination of modern culture and local ethnic minority touches. There is a piano, of course, where artists can perform and create in a peaceful mountainous setting.

For pianist Pho An My, the land of Van Ho is ideal for studying the unique cultural features of mountainous ethnic minority people, which are valuable for her work.

My said she hopes this place will become a new destination for people in the arts in and outside of the country./.