National annual figure for labour productivity set to rise by over 7.5%

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has recently issued a master plan aimed at improving productivity based on utilising science, technology, and innovation for the 2021 to 2030 period, under which the annual target for average labour productivity is expected to surge by over 7.5 % by 2030.



The plan aims to make productivity into an important driving force for development across all sectors, largely through the application of new renewal achievements in science, technology, management systems, and tools that help to improve productivity.

This scheme underlines the need to fulfill national science and technology tasks, whilst providing support to local firms in research, innovation, technology transfer, and application in an effort to enhance productivity and total-factor productivity based on science, technology, and innovation.

In line with the plan, between 30 and 35 centrally-run provinces and cities will complete their own plans to improve productivity based on science, technology, and innovation, while five to seven groups and corporations will deploy the implementation of productivity plans.

Furthermore, at least 500 small and medium-sized enterprises of centrally-run cities and provinces will launch pilot projects focusing on productivity improvement./.