Lavish lunch made affordable to ease COVID-19 pain

Many businesses have been seriously hit by COVID-19, especially luxurious restaurants and hotels. Many 4 and 5-star hotels have been forced to adjust their operations to attract customers, such as diversifying services, menus, and promotions.


Moneyed meals are priced at just 7 USD.

The menu offers a wide selection of chicken, beef, steak and salmon dishes, among others.

Customers only to need pay for one portion to receive two, however, meaning each costs 3.5 USD. This is a special promotional programme at a 5-star hotel on Giang Vo Street in Hanoi aimed at attracting dine-in customers during these difficult days of COVID-19.

According to the city’s Department of Tourism, nearly 1,000 hotels in the capital have had to suspend operations. Luxurious hotels have to adjust their business model to survive and retain customers post-pandemic.

Hotels have been attempting to keep their doors open through a host of unprecedented promotional policies./.