Lack of human resources hindering hi-tech firms

Human resources, especially high-quality personnel, have always been a critical element in determining the success of an enterprise, especially high-tech enterprises. Most enterprises, however, face a lack of high-quality workers.


As one of the leading hi-tech companies in Vietnam, about 90 per cent of FPT Software’s staff are highly-skilled. But only 60 percent satisfy job demands.

Unskilled workers at many Vietnamese enterprises have become redundant while high-quality human resources don’t meet demand. This has forced businesses to find their own way of attracting and improving their workforce.

Vietnam currently holds many advantages in training high-quality human resources, such as a young population that are creative, adaptative, and learn quickly. But these advantages have not been fully promoted, resulting in a shortage of high-quality workers that directly affects the development of enterprises in particular and the economy in general.

Insufficient high-quality human resources will reduce the ability of enterprises to adapt to new business conditions, market requirements, and cutting-edge technologies, among other things. Therefore, resolving this shortage will be a key issue for businesses in creating a breakthrough in the current context./.