Khanh Hoa province supporting Russian expats

Many Russians have decided to live and work in the beach city of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa province over the years, but Covid-19 has made everything much more difficult. Local people have offered support and assistance in a bid to help them make it through these tough times.


More than 600 Russians are living and working in the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa. Russian expats are mostly found in Nha Trang, working in the tourism and service sectors. Covid-19, however, has had an adverse impact on their lives, especially the fourth wave and the social distancing restrictions that were introduced to curb its spread.

To help foreign friends overcome the difficulties, many organisations have visited communes and wards where Russians live to present them with essential goods such as cooking oil, flour, fresh milk, and vegetables, among others. This expresses the kindness and sense of sharing among local people.

“Thank you so much for the assistance and practical gifts. We are so happy to receive this help,” said a Russian citizen in Khanh Hoa province.

Though still faced with difficulties from the pandemic, local residents are willing to reach out to Russians in the area, maintaining the traditional mutual support and cordiality between the two peoples to overcome the pandemic./.