Keeping gongs ringing out forever

Gongs have for generations been closely attached to the community, traditional rituals, and festivals of the S’Tieng ethnic minority people in the southern province of Binh Phuoc. The locality has adopted many initiatives in recent times to preserve the cultural values of the gongs, in particular encouraging the efforts of local artisans to keep the gongs ringing out forever.


Over the last ten years, this gong troupe in Binh Trung village, Phuoc Tan commune, in Phu Rieng district have met regularly to play their gongs.

The older artisans show their passion and enthusiasm for gong rhythms by passing it down to the younger generation. For them, the ringing of the gongs has a unique spiritual value, so promoting the traditional musical instrument is an important task.

Cultural activities involving gongs are now much rarer than previously. Gongs regularly appeared at village festivals and ceremonies in the past, but are now only heard at festivals held by local authorities or at competitions.

Proud to be a member of the local gong troupe since its establishment, Dieu Du, 76 years old, who is now head of the gong team, said the team of S’tieng people in Binh Trung village are mostly elderly and middle-aged people. Aware that the cultural value of gongs is in danger of being lost, as an artisan, he hopes to inspire the younger generation to promote the traditional culture.

Members of the gong troupe in Binh Trung village all share the same view and join together to preserve the gong culture for the generations to come. With a love for the gong culture, they hope to play a part in keeping it alive among the S’tieng people.

In order to ensure that gongs ring out forever, it is necessary to gain the support of authorities at all levels to create the conditions for gong clubs to operate more efficiently and professionally./.