Joint efforts for a healthy Vietnam

The establishment of the national COVID-19 vaccine fund is a vivid illustration of the nation’s solidarity, enabling each citizen to make a contribution to the formidable fight against the pandemic. All of the funding is being used to win the fight and ensure no one is left behind.


After a long hospital stay for treatment of ameloblastoma (a benign tumour), actor Tran Hoang Long, who goes by the stage name Long Chun and is “TikToker”, thoroughly understands the hardships that doctors and medical staff have endured. He has called for support for Covid-19 hotspot Bac Giang province over the past days, while making a small contribution to the vaccination fund and spreading the message behind the fund.

Meanwhile, for scientists like Dr Dang Minh Tuan, support for the fund is not just about material contributions. He said he wanted to spread the fund’s message in an effective fashion, with many number “9s” in his donation.

At the epicentre of the latest COVID-19 outbreak and facing formidable challenges, many local people in Bac Giang province are taking up the COVID-19 fight and stand ready to make a contribution to the fund.

The vaccination fund is a vivid illustration of national solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. Information about the fund and its significance should be distributed to call on the national strength. 

During tough times, Vietnamese people have shown their resilience and solidarity. Everyone believes that no one will be left behind in this fight, and each citizen will receive COVID-19 vaccine shots./.