Job opportunities for the disabled

Breakthroughs in technology over recent years have helped disabled people find employment and have the chance to improve their soft skills. This has, in turn, increased their standard of living and helped them overcome the barriers they face.



More than 20 technicians here are disabled.

Once jobless, Sy Thi Ngoc now has a job with an average monthly salary of 8 million VND. She is satisfied and happy, as she is passionate about her job as a graphic designer, and the care of her colleagues gives her even more encouragement.

Completely removing barriers in employment for the disabled requires support as well as proper policies from relevant agencies and enterprises. Opportunities, however, stem from changes in views on how the disabled can contribute to society, what they can and cannot accomplish, and the protection of their rights.

Helping the disabled obtain a sustainable and better standard of living is done by presenting them with job opportunities and changing the attitudes of the population at large.

Proactively removing barriers, especially in technology-based fields, would help the disabled have sustainable livelihoods and improve their living conditions./.