Bac Giang Receives Aid from Japanese Teacher against COVID-19

Thousands of volunteers have come to assist the northern Bac Giang province in its fight against COVID-19. Some have worked on the frontlines, while others have worked silently behind the scenes but have an equally important role in the battle against the pandemic, like Hitoshi Mukai, a Japanese teacher at the ICO Manpower International Joint Stock Company.


An epicentre during the latest wave of COVID-19, Bac Giang province called on local enterprises to arrange accommodation for medical workers coming from other localities to offer support in the fight against the pandemic.

Hitoshi, a Japanese teacher, is among ten ICO volunteers offering assistance to frontline workers. Knowing that his company set aside a staff and trainee accommodation zone for nearly 150 doctors, medical workers, and students from the Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Hanoi Medical College, Hitoshi joins in clean-up and sanitisation efforts and provides food to medical workers every day.

His days start at 5.30 am, and his breaks depend on the workload of the medical staff. Medical workers on the scene said Hitoshi is agile and sociable and does not mind the difficulties. His actions not only contribute to helping Bac Giang overcome these tough times but also demonstrate the solidarity between the Vietnamese and Japanese peoples.