Innovative creations for community service during COVID-19 epidemic

During COVID-19, a lot of scientific initiatives and innovation have also been put into operation. In Da Nang city, from the beginning many automated devices have been quickly researched and put into operation by school units as well as youth union members.



The device for counting people in and out of this market was conceptualized and implemented by teachers and students of Danang Vocational College within 5 days since Da Nang City started distributing even and odd market tickets. Integrating camera, automatic antiseptic water nozzle and mean to control the number of people currently in the market, this device contributes to the social distance in the markets.

Stemming from the real need of the community, these automatic disinfection machines have been quickly put together and put into use. With the convenience of effectively helping to limit cross-contamination, these machines have been rapidly replicated across the city during epidemic season.

With initiatives aimed at practical community service, young people not only show their role, but also contribute to protecting the doctors or the police, army.

Over the past time, Da Nang has joined hands with the city government to fight off epidemics, such practical and valuable scientific initiatives can be considered as the most effective weapons that young people have contributed to the city’s anti-epidemic work./.