ICI Vietnam Festival: Rendezvous point for overseas Vietnamese filmmakers

The annual ICI Vietnam Festival, the fourth of its kind, took place in Paris from October 22-24, introducing films by young overseas Vietnamese directors to the public.


This is the fourth time the annual event has been held, to showcase movies from professional and amateur overseas Vietnamese filmmakers.

Fifteen short films were screened at the Le Grand Action theatre over three days, giving the audience an insight into the diversity of Vietnam’s creativity and the unique aspects of the convergence between Vietnamese culture and others worldwide.

Films were diverse in content and production, with rich storylines reflecting normal life and fictitious worlds as well as the psychological progression of the Vietnamese people in communities across the world.

Audiences were also able to interact with the directors and filmmakers and share their feelings about the films.

Held for the first time in 2018 as an initiative of the Association of Vietnamese in France, the ICI Vietnam Festival aims to uphold the creativity of young overseas Vietnamese in a wide range of fields, from film, music, contemporary arts, and literature to football and cuisine.

Other events were also organised, including a cuisine festival in June, while a talk with Pulitzer Prize winner Nguyen Thanh Viet is scheduled for November./.