Hoi An tackling aftermath of Storm Molave

Though Storm Molave did not damage Hoi An ancient town’s architecture, local people still suffered a great deal when the rains arrived, having not long ago recovered from a second wave of COVID-19.



Storm Molave has left the ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam province with garbage-filled streets, fallen trees, and mud on the banks of the Hoai River. The devastation has frustrated local environmental workers, as they must spend days and nights cleaning it up.

No tourists have arrived in the ancient town as yet, but Molave has well and truly passed. Tourists, just like local people, are concerned about more storms striking Vietnam in the days to come.

Thousands of ancient houses in Hoi An remained safe through the recent storms thanks to local government efforts to reinforce their structure. But local people are struggling, as they have been through a tough time this year, experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 just few months ago, and now tropical storms.

Hoi An authorities have directed localities, agencies, and schools to do what is necessary to overcome the aftermath of Storm Molave./.