Hoa Lo Prison Spotify channel debuts

Hanoi’s special historical relic Hoa Lo Prison now has an official podcast channel on music streaming service Spotify, aiming to bring the Vietnamese history closer to public audience, particularly young people.



Hoa Lo Prison is a special historical relic of Hanoi, built by the French colonists in 1896 to imprison Vietnamese patriots.

Called Maison Centrale, it used to be one of the biggest prisons of French colonialism in Indochina at that time.

Free podcasts produced by the relic’s staff are now available on HoaLoPrisonRelic channel on Spotify, giving audience an overview of life of Vietnamese patriotic inmates and their hardship in the prison.

The management board said the move is intended to help the relic maintain interaction with the public amidst COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The channel will enable people to explore about the history while practicing social distancing./.