Ho Chi Minh City standing strong with Da Nang

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages around Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Da Nang, one of the country’s hardest-hit areas. Many companies have presented gifts to prevent the spread of the pandemic to doctors, soldiers, and people in Da Nang, in a spirit of fighting a war together.


This is one of the pioneering enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City exporting antibacterial fabric masks, supplying tens of millions to the market since the outbreak began. The company now prioritises domestic orders and has sent 10,000 antibacterial fabric masks to support Da Nang in the fight against COVID-19.

Responding to a call from the Vietnam News Agency, many businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and the city’s textile and apparel association joined hands to take on the virus. Such endeavours are small but significant.

Gifts from businesses in Ho Chi Minh City were well-received in Da Nang and delivered where needed thanks to help from the Vietnam News Agency Television division youth union. Tens of thousands of masks, medical gloves, and bottles and tubes of hand sanitiser provided great encouragement to doctors, soldiers, and people in Da Nang during these tough times.

Support from businesses, organisations, and individuals to Da Nang and the central region in general provides major encouragement to people to overcome the difficulties and dangers. It also contributes a great deal to beating the pandemic and ensuring no one is left behind./.